Dapper Day, Disneyland Spring 2015

This year marks a major milestone for one of my favorite places, the happiest place on earth!  Disneyland will be celebrating 60 years of magic this Spring, making it a wonderful time to be a brand new annual pass holder.  As much as I love Disneyland and have seen it evolve over the years, I have always wished that I could have been there in the 50’s when it first opened, to see it through Walt Disney’s eyes.  Seeing the park go back in time in the recent film, Saving Mr Banks, helped a little.  However, last year when I discovered Dapper Day, I fell in love!

The very idea of attending the parks dressed up in nice or vintage outfits makes my heart flutter!  Eli and I always like dressing up and we love putting on our “Sunday Best.” So for us, Dapper Day seemed almost like it was created for us.  

Dapper Day isn’t necessarily intended for dressing vintage, although a lot of people do, but its also for showing off your dapper style!  I was also very impressed with the vintage inspired Disney Bound outfits I saw.  Eli has a collection of bow ties and and accessories, so it was a little easier for him to put together an outfit than it was for me.  Luckily, I found a beautiful, vintage dress from Something Borrowed Vintage that I absolutely adore!

Dressing up for Disneyland was so much fun and seeing so many people dressed up as well warmed my heart!  I really felt like I had been transported to opening day!  It also gave us the opportunity to do things we haven’t done before, like go on the Mark Twain Riverboat.  It also felt like being part of something bigger than us.  Whenever I would meet eyes with a stylishly dressed stranger, we would both smile a smile of kindred spirits.  Even though we battled the morning rain, thankfully only my curls lost and it ended up being a practically perfect day! 

I am so excited to go back in the fall and to incorporate these events into my life. I hope you enjoy this little peak into our most Dapper of days! xoxo



  1. Gramma says:

    Loved all the pictures. What a fun time.

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