Hutchings Family Portraits

The older I get, the more important my family becomes for me.  I sometimes suddenly realize that its been weeks since I’ve spoken with my mother and the fact that its been almost 2 years since I’ve seen my sister really gets me down.  When I was younger, I always thought it was strange that some people had family from out of town that they hadn’t seen in years or that their entire family only got together at the holidays.

Then I grew up and got married and started working.  I have been blessed with a day job that always has consistent hours but Eli has always worked somewhere in retail where his schedule is always changing.  We get busy with everything we are doing with school or work or music or church and before we know it, its been months since we’ve had our parents over.  With a third of my family now living out of state, and being 45 minutes away from the rest of my family, I realize I have to work harder to see them all.  I love my family so very much and like most families, we are a little dysfunctional and get together’s can get a little stressful but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  Whenever we get everyone together, especially after a long time in-between visits, I force them into photo sessions!  It has since become a tradition for me to create lasting memories of my family and it warms my heart when others do the same!

That is why I was so excited when my brother’s best friend contacted me about doing family portraits for his family because his brother was in town from Utah!  It was the first weekend of Fall but it still felt very much like summer.  Michael and his family all wore various shade of white and blue (my favorite!).  Everyone was happy and laughter was in the air.  That plus beautiful Northern California sunshine always makes for the most beautiful memories!

Ross and Carol, thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!  I hope you cherish these images for many years to come!

I am currently booking Fall and Holiday Mini Sessions so that you can get your loved ones together for family portraits!! They make the perfect gifts and who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful photo card?!  Fall Mini Session are November 13 & 14.  You can sign up here!  My Holiday Minis this year are going to be so fun because they are going to be styled for the season!  I’m so excited!!  For more information on those, click here

I hope you are having a lovely day!


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