What To Wear for Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are sometimes the first professional photos that have been taken of the two of you.  The next set of photos will be your wedding photos, so it’s nice to have some photos of the two of you in love and during the time before you get married.

I get asked about what to wear for engagement sessions quite often from brides and my answer is simple.  Dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident!  No one ever wants to outshine the bride, and the same goes for your engagement session.  I want you feeling like a million bucks!  That being said, I don’t mean you need to buy an expensive dress or a whole new outfit, but this is a perfect reason to splurge on something a little extra special!  As women, we always want to look our best and for some that might mean a fabulous pair of skinny jeans with killer heals or a maxi dress with a beautiful statement necklace or even something simple and classic like a little black dress or a crisp white linen shirt with your favorite pants or tulle skirt.  I like to think of it as something you would wear for a date night out on the town.  This is your time to shine!

Another question I get asked a lot it, “What should my fiancé wear?”  This is where it sometimes gets tricky for my couples.  Most guys are nervous about having their picture taken and don’t know what to wear either.  A lot of guys think that they will be forced into a matching outfit or an outfit he would never be caught dead in.  And that is not what we want.  If we go back to question #1, I want you to feel comfortable and confident.  Think GQ or the J. Crew catalog 😉 So, try to stay away from something that makes him uncomfortable too.

As far as matching goes, try to stay away from an exact match and think of complimentary outfits.  I like to go for complimentary colors or choosing a color palette that works for both of you. Having flexibility in outfit choices will really help you to not stress out about it too much.

These photos mark a special time for you two and you will want to wear something that makes you feel confident and looking like a million bucks!   I think that what you wear should not only complement the other person, but also your individual personalities and who you are as a couple.  Just like the two of you compliment each other, so should your outfits.

If you are having a hard time choosing what to wear, ask your photographer if they allow multiple looks for your time together.  I encourage my couples to have at least 1 or 2 outfit change during our session.  Going for multiple looks allows you another opportunity to showcase your style and personalities as well as diversifying your engagement portfolio.

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