Miriana & Horatio – Sacramento Engagement Session

I’ve heard it said that music touches emotions that words simply cannot.  As a girl who was raised in a house with 2 pianos and a guitar playing father, music has always been a major part of my life.  No surprise that I would marry a guitar player myself.  

So when I found out that Miriana and Horatio were both very talented musicians, who played together and had fallen in love, their story spoke to me on a higher register 😉  Horatio fell in love with Miriana when he heard her playing the violin and said that it moved him in such a way that he had never felt before.  And in that moment, he know she was the one for him.  They were a match made in musical heaven.  Miriana had had a crush on him since she was 14 so I’m sure it was music to her ears when he finally asked her out!

Last December, after being together for a few years, Horatio surprised Miriana in Lake Tahoe and asked her to be his wife!  It was the easiest yes she ever made and they will be tying the knot this summer.

For their engagement session, we started out at the Capital Gardens next to the California Capital Building in Sacramento, CA.  It was a beautiful spring evening even though it was stormy the day before.  The sun came out just for them and made for the perfect weather for their photos.  Miriana and Horatio are such a beautiful and sincere couple!  They are easily able to make each other laugh and they are so comfortable with each other!  You can tell how much they care about each other in how they talk and treat each other. I had so much fun with them during our session.   

Miriana and Horatio, it was such an honor taking your engagement photos.  Your love is so honest and true.  If our time together is any indication of whats to come, I know your wedding day will be fun, beautiful, and so full of love!  You guys are amazing and I am so happy for you as you get closer to starting your new life as husband and wife.


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