Mike & Ruth

One of the greatest things about my job is being able to tell people’s stories and capture them in a tangible way.  I love photographing weddings and engagements because that is such a beautiful time in a couple’s lives.  Its the beginning of a wonderful journey with hope and dreams guiding them.  With the future ahead of them, they are invincible!  

So often, I see couples who have said that they haven’t had their photos professionally taken since their wedding, and I think its such a shame.  And I know I’m preaching to the choir here because, despite my best efforts,  Eli and I haven’t had our photos taken in our 6 years of marriage… But I feel like there is so much more meaning as time goes on.  Throughout the course of life and marriage, we experience so much with our significant others. The hard times, the good times.  The excitement of promotions and new little lives being brought into the world!  The lows that stretch us into stronger individuals and closer as couples.  To see people who have journeyed together and have come so far is just as wonderful to celebrate as the couple embarking on their journey.

Mike and Ruth have been together for many years and have raised 2 wonderful men who in turn have had families of their own.  I’m sure they have had their share of ups and downs, but they are one of the sweetest, most caring couples I have ever had the privilege of knowing!  

I met Ruth when I was in college and started working in the same office as her.  She was very helpful, nice and always gave the best advice.  I also blame her for my falling in love with the Caramel Frappuccino, because I never really liked coffee but whenever she would get one (with extra caramel of course!:)) they always looked so good! Her “you fly, I buy” policy probably also played a major part in that! But one of the things that always stood out to me was how she always respected her husband.  How she would use her time off to spend the weekend with him in San Francisco or out to the snow.  How she would use her sick days to take care of him if he was ill. And how she always called him her “main squeeze.”  I highly admired that and knew I wanted to have a relationship like theirs.  One that stood the test of time and one where other people could see that we were best friends as well as husband and wife!  Mike of course is very kind and so sincere.  

When Ruth emailed me saying she wanted to partake in my Fall Mini Sessions, you can probably guess that I was very excited!  During our time together, we talked and laughed!  It was so fun to photograph them because you can’t help but notice how much they love each other when you are around them! 

Mike and Ruth, it was a pleasure photographing the both of you!  Wishing you every happiness this year and always! xo Sarah


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