But A Kiss Can Be Even Deadlier If You Mean It.

I can’t remember that day we first met, or the first thing he ever said to me.  That is why its hard for me to believe in love at first sight.  I wish I could say that the moment I saw his dazzling smile, he swept me off my feet and I knew he was the one!  But lets face it, I was 12 years old.  He was 8.  My family had started attending the church that his family went to and he became friends with my brothers.  I knew of him as one of their friends but he stood out to me because he was the only one at our church who decided he wanted to wear a suit on Sunday mornings like my brothers, who were forced to do so.  We had different groups of friends but about 5 years later, we started to become friends.  It was when I was 18 and just graduated from high school and was thinking about other boys my age, that he had developed a crush on me.  At that time, we became closer friends while we played on our church’s worship team together.  I remember thinking that he had such a unique perspective on the world and I admired the talent and dreams that he had.  It was the summer before his senior year that I started to wrestle my feelings for him.  I knew he was different and special, but I felt like I was too old and not good enough for him.  I tried to shake the feelings and even thought about moving to another city for school, but he had become my best friend.  He understood me like no one else did and he made me feel special and safe.  I knew then that he was worth waiting for and I prayed that he would be the one. A week before his 18th birthday, he told me that he had feelings for me and I couldn’t stop smiling!  2 months later, he asked me out on our first date which just so happened to be February 14th. On our 2 year anniversary, he asked me to marry him and this year marks 9 years since our first date!  This is why Valentine’s Day means so much to us!

Our love story is quite different from a lot of people’s, but I know that we were definitely made for each other.  Our love isn’t perfect and we have had hard times together, but I know there is no one I would rather spend my life with.

Eli, I thank God for blessing me so much with being your wife.  You mean the world to me and it is such a blessing to see how kind you are to everyone you meet!  It is truly a testament to your character that everyone says how sweet and happy you are and blesses my heart to hear it.  Thank you for always encouraging me and looking out for me.  I am so excited to see where this next year takes us!  Happy Valentine’s Day my darling.  I love you to the moon and back. xoxo

Eli, on the coast of Oregon

Eli, on the coast of Oregon

This weeks blog post title is part of a quote from Batman Returns and it was with this quote that I wished Eli a happy Valentine’s Day on Facebook this morning.  A quote by his favorite superhero, referencing my favorite holiday.  It’s the little things, you know?! 😉


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