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After the wedding day is over and all the gifts are opened & put away, the next thing to look forward to is to receive your pictures!  I always give my clients a preview of their photos a couple weeks after the wedding so they can see the highlights of the day, but when all the images are finalized and the proof prints arrive, its time for one of my favorite parts of my job, the packaging!  I want my clients to feel like the are receiving a wonderful gift when they get their pictures so I take extra care to create a special experience for them!  So today, I want to share my wedding packaging with you!

I completely believe in printing out your photographs because in this day and age of Facebook and Instagram, its rare for us to actually print out our images, so I always include printed photos.  Proof prints are a wonderful way to tangibly see your wedding day unfold without having to look at each image on the computer screen.  I also choose a few of my favorites and enlarge them to give as a gift to my clients.  It also is a wonderful way to showcase the quality of professional printing compared to Walgreens or Target printing services.  All of the final images are uploaded to a custom USB Drive so that they can be viewed, downloaded and shared online.  

I also like to include little treats to make the package a little more fun!  Little Hawaiian scented candles smell so fresh and tropical!  I think its also a nice way for my clients to think back on their honeymoon and the first few days as a married couple!  I always include a little chocolate and one of my all time favorites is the Bordeaux from See’s Candies.  The Bordeaux Bar is the perfect size to share to share with your sweety!  And who doesn’t like chocolate, right? 🙂

The finishing touches are careful wrapping and adding a satin ribbon.  I think this gift wrap from Rifle Paper Co is very lovely and so sweet!  My goal is always to make something that I would love to receive.  I think the extra effort really makes a difference and makes my clients even more excited about receiving their photos.  After all, my hope is that they will cherish their photos and memories for many years to come!

Print Boxes

Custom USB Drives


Bordeaux Bar

Gift Wrap & Card



  1. Debra says:

    Thanks for sharing! Do you send proofs of every wedding image, or just your favorites?

    • Sarah Schweyer says:

      Hi Debra! I hope you liked this post! And yes! I send proof prints of all the final images that are delivered on the USB 🙂 Enlargements are either ones that I love or sometimes my clients will order some from their sneak peek.
      Have a lovely day!

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