My Favorite Christmas Movies

For the final post in my Fall Series, I thought I would end it with a post about one of my favorite things about this time of year!! In the first post of this series, (click here to view it), I shared about quite a lot of my fall favorites and shared about two of them, reading and baking, in the following two posts!

So for this final post, I knew I wanted it to be Christmasy, because Christmas is my favorite part of fall!! Christmas Day technically falls within the first few days of winter, but I count it as part of fall because the rest of the days leading up to it is in the fall. So the majority of the Christmas season is in fall.  I love Christmas so much and everything about it that I could probably have an entire blog dedicated to the subject. However, tonight I just want to share one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time and that’s to cozy up with fancy hot chocolate, a heavy blanket, candles that smell like holiday baked yummies, treats and watch a Christmas movie!! Bonus points if it’s with Eli or my family! 

Every year I like to buy another Christmas movie to add to my collection and I’ve seen them all so often that I have to refrain from turning it into a quote-a-long movie viewing session!  I also try to watch a new Christmas movie that I haven’t seen before during the holidays.  But there is something about my favorite ones that bring back all the feelings of the holidays. And tonight, I want to share my favorite with you!! This list is in no particular order, but they are the ones that I always try to see each year!

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas.  We are going to start the list with a family friendly, Disney movie! I asked for this movie for my birthday when it came out and it’s been a favorite ever since! I love that Mickey and the gang are telling little Christmas stories and Kelsey Grammar narrating? Pure magic!

Miracle On 34th Street. The original with Marueen O’Hara is the best and I was so sad to hear she passed this year… Anyways. I love this one and there is just something about old black and white movies during the holidays.  I love seeing the floats and balloons from the original Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I love how Santa changes the lives of the main characters!  Very heart warming.

The Santa Clause. Growing up, my family always watched this movie!  My brother and I always quote the movie all year round.  There is something so nostalgic about it, as it is with all these movies, but this version of Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole is by far my favorite out of all the movies.  There’s something about the extravagance and the costumes plus the music that make it so magical!

It’s A Wonderful Life.  This is by far a classic to many people during the holidays and there is good reason!  The older I get and the more crazy life gets, the more I value family and the little things in life.   That is one of the reasons that I love this movie so much.  It wasn’t until Eli and I got married and I forced him to watch it for the first time after watching it all the time growing up that it really resounded with me.  When we take the time to really appreciate all we have, its nice to know that we really do have wonderful lives!

Elf.  I specifically remember the day I first saw this movie in the theaters wearing my red and white striped Christmas socks and knew that I had just seen something really special.  Buddy filled an elf shaped whole in my Christmas heart that I didn’t know I was missing!  The combination of family, love, Christmas and silliness is right up my alley!  Plus it’s in New York, just like Miracle on 34th Street, and like most movies that take place there, it makes it extra special to me!

Christmas Vacation.  The Griswold’s have always had a special place in my heart ever since I saw them riding in a train across Europe and I laughed until I cried at how crazy they were!  Part of it I think is that it makes me think of my family and makes me feel happy that my family isn’t that dysfunctional!  Christmas Vacation is all of that combined with Christmas.  I definitely relate to wanting to have the perfect, old-fashioned, family Christmas but sometimes it isn’t always going to happen.  If you haven’t ever seen it, then you should because it is so funny!! 

Thank you for letting me share some of my favorite Christmas movies with you!! I’m sure there are more that didn’t make this short list, but like I said, I have too many favorites!  

What are your favorites??  If you end up watching any of these or any of your favorites, tag me on IG so I can see too!!  I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and I am wishing Merry Christmas to you and yours!! XO Sarah


  1. Ruthie says:

    Loved this post!! Those last 3 are family faves! Thanks for sharing!!

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