Sergio & Lucy’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal

It was a bright, sunny warm November day, as Lucy ran up the beautiful steps of the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in downtown Sacramento.  She was surprisingly nervous as she ran up the steps into the church where her closest family and friends waited for her.  On this day, her and her husband were celebrating 25 years of marriage by renewing their wedding vows.

Sergio waited with their children and welcomed the family as passersby walked into the cathedral to marvel at its stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings!  It was definitely a work of art and made you feel as if you were stepping back in time.

Sergio and Lucy decided to renew their vows in a traditional Spanish ceremony.  Even though I could not understand what was being said, the language of love was ever present and that spoke in and of itself.

Their two teenage children are twins, Sergio Jr and Stephanie, served as the best man and the maid of honor, assisting throughout the ceremony.  Sergio and Lucy were blessed to have them celebrate their milestone!

Lucy made her own bouquet and put together all the flowers at the dinner following the ceremony.  As I shot their portraits, I asked what was the key to having a successful marriage that happily made it to the 25 year mark.  They answered that communication and having fun together were the 2 things every marriage needs to be successful.  From the way they look at each other, you can tell that they cherish each other as husband and wife as well as the best of friends.

They continued their celebration by having dinner at Lucca’s in downtown Sacramento, in a private back room that was tucked away from the rest of the people dining in the restaurant.  Everyone ate, drank and was merry.   After the traditional cake cutting, toasts were made where they laughed, cried, and shared stories.  They talked about how they met, what they loved about each other and their family also shared stories of how they were so right for each other.  It really was such a beautiful thing to behold.  

After the toasts, everyone cheered for an impromptu dance for the happy couple. They swayed in each others arms to the sound of The Righteous Brothers crooning, Unchained Melody, just as they had during their first dance 25 years ago at their wedding.  A slideshow played beside them of their life together.  One full of love and happiness.  And time went by so slowly 🙂

Congratulations Sergio and Lucy! Here’s to 25 more happy years together!


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