Chris & Shelly – Royer Park Maternity

It was a cloudy afternoon as Shelly and Chris prepared for a huge announcement.  He is a gymnastics instructor.  She is a kindergarten teacher.  They both love Disney. Her favorite Disney movie is Tangled.  His favorite is Robin Hood.  They have been together for 8 years and married for 5.  

Shelly messaged me last summer when she saw some photos I had taken of one of her friends and told me that when the time was right, she wanted me to help her with something exciting!

Even though Chris and Shelly have a spoiled dog, Ava, they longed to have a baby and be parents.  They had been trying to start a family for over a year and had just found out she was pregnant before they almost started treatments.  They were finally going to have their baby!

It was such an honor to photograph the two of them as they start their journey in parenthood and the fact that they trusted me with their pregnancy announcement photos was incredible!

Chris and Shelly are two of the sweetest and kindest people and I am so happy for them and their baby!  He hopes it’s a girl so he can have his Disney princess.  Either way, I know their baby will be loved so much!  What two people are better suited to be parents than them?!  



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