3 Year Blogging Anniversary

Last month marked 3 years of blogging for my business!! It’s strange to think its already been another year… How has the time gone by so fast?? I know I said last year that I have really been loving having this space to share my work and my heart, and it’s still true! So, I thought I would take this post and reflect over the last year and share some of my favorite posts with you!

In preparation of this post, I looked at my blog post from last year’s blog anniversary to be reminded of the goals I had set for myself. They were a little loftier than I had remembered, and about a month after I had written it, I became very sick. I was pretty bummed to start my 3rd year of blogging off not exactly how I had envisioned, but I have been learning to give myself grace and to not be too upset about it. This year has been one of my busiest for my business, so I have to count my blessings in that regards and be ok with not blogging as much as I had hoped to. My goal was to blog 45-48 weeks out of the year, but at the beginning of the calendar year, I lowered my goal to twice a month. This summer has been very busy for me with multiple weddings and a big move. So in July I only got 1 post out but I’m ok with that because my average for the year is over twice a month 😉

Some of my other goals were to continue my fall, holiday, and travel series, which I did (yay!), and to share more recipes (which I didn’t lol). I did share a Christmas Gift Guide like the year before and I started a couple new helpful tips and tricks series for my brides! I love being able to share content that is helpful to them and gives them great advice on planning their engagement session and organizing family formals. I also hosted my 1,000 followers on Instagram giveaway, which was a lot of fun! One of my other goals was to collaborate with other bloggers and I have been able to do that some more as well! You can see some of my photos on there blog posts here, here, and here 🙂  I also updated my website and blog layout!

Here are my goals for this next year of blogging!

  • Continue to blog twice a month on either Saturdays or Sundays
  • Continue my series: travel, fall, holiday (I actually have 2 trips that will be coming to the blog soon as well as a trip to Arizona and Florida later this year that I will be sharing!  Stay tuned!)
  • Share more personal posts
  • Collaborate more
  • Highlight other vendors through interviews or guest takeovers

Here are some of my favorite posts from my 3rd year of blogging!



This photoshoot was such a labor of love!  I loved working with so many talented vendors/friends! I love seeing people put their best work together to create something so special and beautiful!! There were so many amazing details and it’s been one of my favorite days to date!  It seemed like such a dream!



At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to share more helpful content for my brides and my followers!  I love encouraging others and finding ways to champion them in their dreams/goals and help by making things easier for them.  This post was so fun to put together and I truly believe that it will still be helpful and encouraging for future brides!  It’s full of great tips and advice for anyone who just got engaged and is a little unsure of what their first steps should be!



Nita & Jorden’s engagement session in Midtown Sacramento was so fun for me!  Nita had so many ideas and several outfit changes for their photos!!  Every detail was planned and intentional which made their photos even more personal and meaningful!  Plus we ended at the Wells Fargo Building that was decorated for Christmas and Nita’ blush trench coat and black heals paired with Jordan’s gray blazer and crisp white shirt made those photos feel like something out of a classic New York movie!  Too many favorites in one session 🙂



When Sandra told me that they wanted to do their engagement session in Napa, I was so excited!!!  I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places, and when my photography takes me to these beautiful destinations, it is like the best day ever!!!  I also loved that they decided to choose a special destination for their engagement session because now they have such a special memory tied to that specific spot!  For years to come, when they go back they will be able to look back on the wonderful time in their lives before becoming husband and wife.







All of my wedding posts are my favorites!!  They are by far the posts that I work the hardest on and so much thought and attention to detail goes into each one!  Between narrowing down a wedding day into less than 100 images (I want to share them all!) to telling their story, and crediting the creative team, they are time consuming but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Plus I love that my couples can expect to see their best day ever featured on my blog!  I’ve even had friends and readers see my couples in person and wonder why they looked so familiar 😉



Paige’s baby shower was complete with rose gold balloons, flower crowns, doughnut towers, and bacon on a stick!! Paige’s sister in law threw her such a heartwarming shower and it was so incredible to be able to document that day where the women closest to her celebrated the new life that was on his way!


Thank you for letting me share my favorites with you and for always being such a wonderful and supportive audience.  It has truly been a blessing to be able to pour out into this space and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you!  Now, enough about me! What has been your favorite post?  Comment below and let me know what types of posts you enjoy the most!  I want to make sure I am using this space to serve you well and deliver content that brightens your day and encourages you to go live your dreams!!  Thank you so much for following along!!  Have a wonderful day!  You’re amazing!!!

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