How To Get The Best Vacation Photos – Travel Photography Tips

How To Get The Best Vacation Photos – Travel Photography Tips

How To Get The Best Vacation Photos – Travel Photography Tips

Its funny how often I get asked about photography tips for traveling and how many people ask me to take their photo while on vacation.  I happily oblige to both and so I thought it would be fun to share 7 of my travel photography tips to help make your summer vacation photos even better!

1) I don’t know who said it, but it’s true, the best camera you can use is the one you have! 

If you have a digital camera, great!  If you only have an iPhone camera, that is great too!  The best thing to do is to  just start taking photos.

2) One of the biggest ways you can improve your travel/vacation photos is to be mindful of what’s in your frame, or the composition. 

Use your iPhone grid to help use the rule of thirds instead of shooting every photo straight on.  To hear more about this feature and my other iPhone camera tricks including exposure and timers, see my Facebook Live video here.

3) Selfies can be good, but don’t be afraid to ask someone else to take a photo of you and your group. 

Look for someone with a nice camera.  Most likely they will know what they’re doing 😉 Just be sure to return the favor and offer to take one for them 🙂

4) Use your photos to tell a story.

Be sure to take pictures of signs, details, and streets.  These types of photos help show how you got somewhere and look great with the other photos you’ll likely take of the monuments or landscapes you’re near. 

5) Food photos!

When traveling, there are always new restaurants and types of cuisine around you so be sure to take photos of what you try!  Pictures of what you eat also help tell the story of your trip!  The key to good food photos though is good light!

6) Live in the now! 

As great as these tips can be, don’t worry too much about creating the perfect photo and forget to enjoy the views and the company.  If camera settings or the lighting isn’t right, don’t let it keep you from having a good time.  You are on vacation after all.  You enjoy it!

7) After you get back, gather your photos together and get them printed in an album!  

I love Artifact Uprising for my travel/vacation photo books! Click here to get started on your next project and get $20 off your first purchase!

I hope these tips help as you prepare for your summer vacation!

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Speaking of vacations, one thing that my husband and I love doing is scheduling a photo session while we are on a trip. Whether for our previous vacations to Santa Barbara or Hawaii or Paris or for our upcoming trip to Japan, taking the time for professional photos is such a fun way to remember your vacation and time together! Not only do I love having these photos taken for us, I also love to photograph my clients while they are on vacation especially if it’s for an anniversary or proposal.

If you would like to book a destination session, send me an email to  Let’s dream it up together!  Follow me on Instagram to see more of my travels and tips and tricks.


If you are currently planning your own wedding, I have some blog posts with tips and tricks for you.  Check them out here and here!  To see more beautiful weddings of my wonderful couples, click here.  If you would want me to photograph your wedding, I would love to chat about all the details!  Please inquire and set up a time for a free consultation here! I love chatting with my brides about their best day ever!  


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