Being on the other side of the camera

Earlier this week, I had the privledge of meeting and photographing another photographer, Sydnie of Sydnie Leah Photography.   I have been following her for awhile on Instagram and we exchanged numbers a few months ago.  We finally decided to get together for a coffee and take some pictures!

Sydnie is one of the sweetest girls I know and it was so nice talking with someone who shares the same passions that I do.  We talked about life, love and of course photography!  She is a wedding and lifestyle photographer as well and she sees the world so beautifully.  Her images are composed and edited so artistically.

As a photographer, it is always strange to be the one in front of the camera because you feel you should know what to do.  But having another photographer on the other side of your camera is equally nerve racking.  I think in any industry, its easy to to worry about what your peers will think of you, but with photography, its more than just a photo.  Its the creation of a single moment in time that is equally what you are seeing and how you are capturing it.  It is very easy to worry about what your subject will think of the images, but knowing that they photograph people all the time as well, adds a little pressure!  

So Syndie, thank you for trusting me to capture you the way that I see you.  As a lovely,  strong, confident and sweet photographer with the prettiest blue eyes!  I am so excited for where your business is taking you and I am very thankful for our new friendship!


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