Top Sacramento Venues For Your Fairytale Wedding | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Top Sacramento Venues For Your Fairytale Wedding | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

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Here are some of the best wedding venues in the Sacramento area, perfect for your classic, timeless, or fairytale wedding! 

As a Sacramento Wedding Photographer, I have seen a lot of weddings and a lot of wedding venues!  There truly is something for everyone!!!  Your venue really sets the stage for your wedding day and can help bring your vision to life.  Whether you are planning an intimate garden wedding or you invite everyone you care about and need a place perfect for your grand affair, Sacramento has got you covered!  These are wedding venues that most of my couples and I love. They are perfect for that classic, timeless, romantic and magical feel for your wedding day!!  Without further to do, here are my favorite venues, in no particular order 😉

Park Winters Sacramento Wedding Venue Sarah Schweyer Photography California Wedding Photographer

Park Winters, Winters CA

Nestled in Winters California, Park Winters is just 30 miles from Sacramento. A countryside estate with beautiful gardens and an elegantly restored 1865 historic farm house that makes such a whimsical setting for a wedding day!  There are a lot of options for ceremony & reception sites as well as so many beautiful locations for photos!  The possibilities are practically endless!!  Whether for an intimate wedding or a grand affair, Park Winters can hold weddings up to 150-200 guests.  At Park Winters, weddings are a beautiful fusion of nature’s splendor, refined elegance, and heartfelt attention to detail. It’s more than a celebration—it’s crafting unforgettable moments that leave couples and guests with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

The Maples Sacramento Wedding Photographer Sarah Schweyer Photography California Wedding Photographer

The Maples, Woodland CA

Next up, The Maples Event Center is a captivating wedding venue just a stone’s throw from Sacramento, located in Woodland, California. Its serene ambiance and picturesque surroundings make it an enchanting choice for a wedding day! With an array of ceremony and reception sites surrounded by 100 year old maple trees, this property offers endless possibilities for creating a fairytale wedding. They also have beautiful spaces for getting ready.  From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, The Maples accommodates weddings of up to 300 guests. At The Maples Event Center, weddings unfold amidst an atmosphere where rustic charm meets refined allure.  It’s not just an event—it’s a canvas for crafting cherished memories that will linger in the hearts of couples and guests for years to come.

Grand Island Mansion Wedding Sarah Schweyer Photography Sacramento Wedding Photographer California Wedding Photographer

Grand Island Mansion, Walnut Grove CA

Tucked away in Walnut Grove, California is the beautiful Grand Island Mansion.  A majestic treasure trove, offering a fairy tale setting for your special day. The estate is so beautiful, both in its lush surroundings & gardens.  The grandeur of the mansion, provides a dreamy backdrop for ceremonies and receptions alike. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the Grand Island Mansion caters to weddings of various sizes.  Welcoming anywhere from cozy groups to larger parties of several hundred guests. Here, it’s all about weaving together moments of elegance and charm.  Ensuring that every detail sparkles with a touch of magic, creating memories that linger as stories shared among couples and their beloved guests.

Le Reve Wedding Venue Sacramento Sarah Schweyer Photography California Wedding Photographer

Le Reve, Elk Grove CA

Nestled in the heart of Elk Grove, California, Le Rêve is a captivating haven where wedding dreams come to life amid the allure of a stunning vineyard backdrop. Its tranquil ambiance and graceful landscapes set the stage for an enchanting celebration. Offering an array of scenic spaces for ceremonies and receptions like their farmhouse, beautifully restored barns, gardens and more, this venue promises a wealth of picturesque settings to craft unforgettable moments. Also, there’s plenty of space to get ready so you can have the entire day at one location.  Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a larger festivity, Le Rêve accommodates many types of weddings.  Ranging from cozy affairs to grand soirées, comfortably hosting up to 300 guests. Here, amidst the vineyard’s beauty, weddings unfold into an elegant tapestry of love and joy, painting cherished memories for couples and their beloved guests to treasure.

Crocker Art Museum Sacramento Wedding Venue Sarah Schweyer Photography California Wedding Photographer

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA

If you are an art or history lover, this one’s for you! The Crocker Art Museum! In the heart of Sacramento, California, it stands as a unique and captivating venue, offering a blend of artistry and elegance for a truly remarkable wedding day.  With a variety of spaces, every wedding is unique!  From a ceremony in the gallery or the courtyard to dancing the night away under the stars and twinkle lights, there truly is something for everyone here!  Whether it’s an intimate affair or a larger celebration, the Crocker Art Museum caters to weddings of various sizes, accommodating up to 300 guests. Here, weddings are an artistic journey, blending the beauty of creativity with the sophistication of love, crafting unforgettable memories that resonate as timeless masterpieces for couples and their cherished guests. To see more of what your wedding could look like here, check out this post

Scribner Bend Sacramento Wedding Venue Sarah Schweyer Photography California Wedding Photographer

Scribner Bend Winery, Sacramento CA

Lastly, nestled in Sacramento, California, Scribner Bend Winery is a picturesque haven.  Offering a unique blend of vineyard charm and garden elegance for an unforgettable wedding day. This venue presents a breathtaking setting for both ceremonies and receptions.  Weaving together the beauty of nature and the allure of fine wines with lots of options for guests and features wine from the winery. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a larger celebration, Scribner Bend Winery accommodates weddings of various sizes, hosting gatherings of up to 225 guests.  There is a historic bungalow when you first drive in that serves as a getting ready area. Plus a tented courtyard for larger receptions. With lots of options to make every couple happy, Scribner Bend is a perfect place to say “I do” and dance the night away under the stars!



These are a few of my favorite wedding venues in the Sacramento area!  They are all so beautiful, unique and all have so many options to make your fairytale wedding come to life!  And lots of options for your beautiful wedding photos to be taken!! Which one is your favorite??


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